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Ballmer Group Invests $175 Million for StriveTogether's Vision 2030

Supporting national network to extend philanthropic reach and catalyze economic mobility for 4 million youth

We're excited to announce that Ballmer Group is investing $175 million over the next seven years in StriveTogether to support their Vision 2030, designed to put 4 million more young people on a path to economic mobility. The investment recognizes not only StriveTogether's record of success but also the urgent need to address and scale efforts to grow economic mobility for kids and families in communities across the U.S., especially within communities of color where systemic inequities continue to create barriers.  

StriveTogether works to build a future where a child's potential is not dictated by race, ethnicity, zip code, or circumstance. Our grant—an increase over our previous funding—allows StriveTogether to expand its Cradle to Career Network to nearly 100 member communities nationally and invest directly in these local Place-Based Partnerships (PBPs).   

“This is frankly a game-changing investment for us, allowing more local leaders to access the resources and support needed to address economic mobility in their communities,” said Jennifer Blatz, StriveTogether president and CEO. “Our new strategic plan supports this and holds us accountable to helping at least 4 million more kids and families by 2030. We believe every child should have every opportunity to reach their full potential, and we will hold ourselves accountable to ensuring systemic barriers are removed.”  

Ballmer Group believes that PBPs are a winning solution to measurably improve outcomes and address pervasive inequities. This methodology brings multiple sectors together to select specific outcomes and develop community-wide goals in regions and neighborhoods.  It's about building a durable partnership of people and organizations who work together to interpret data to identify what works, scale those programs and practices, and change systems that are preventing progress.  This work reduces racial disparities by engaging those who are most impacted in communities to be part of developing solutions using data to make sustained changes to the status quo.    

StriveTogether will also use this funding to support the work of these PBPs to measurably improve outcomes. They accelerate local progress through coaching and technical assistance, promoting knowledge sharing among communities, driving policy change, building talent pipelines through the Training Hub, and creating demand for local “backbone organizations” that support this work every day by facilitating coordination of local efforts to achieve shared goals.    

Research shows that young people who achieve key academic milestones starting in kindergarten and building through postsecondary completion are more likely to achieve economic mobility as each milestone builds upon the next. Deeply entrenched systemic inequities create an uneven playing field and limit opportunities for all kids.   

Ballmer Group is proud to partner with StriveTogether to increase economic mobility for those furthest from it through work in existing and new communities. 

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