Steve Ballmer: Giving thanks on Teacher Appreciation Day

From a mentor standpoint, my 9th grade math teacher really stands out. I arrived at a private high school, I had just won a scholarship, and I was a year behind in math. And I didn’t like that, it didn’t feel good to me. It turned out I was pretty good at math, and my math teach Ted Kuss said to me, “You’re actually pretty good. Why don’t we try to catch you up? Why don’t you do Algebra II while you’re doing Algebra I?” So I did. He said, “Why don’t you go to summer math camp?” So I did. He encouraged me to take a lot of math in 10th grade. I did, and he even took me with him to the college where he was doing a master’s program in math. A few years back he wound up becoming an actuary at Progressive Insurance. We got together, after falling out of touch, and it reminded me how much he changed my life.