We engage locally, regionally, and nationally to create conditions for children and families to thrive.



Nationally, we support the most promising interventions by using our resources to scale what works to improve lives. Our national work is informed by our experience in our three focus regions below.


focus regions

In our three focus regions - Washington state, Los Angeles County, and Detroit tri-county region - we engage deeply to learn about unique barriers to economic mobility and comprehensive interventions that can address them. We build relationships with leaders in all sectors and participate at the neighborhood, city, regional, and state levels to create an ecosystem that better supports children and families. 

Our regional offices work in tandem with our national team.


Washington State

The Ballmers have called Washington "home" for decades, having raised their family and built a business here.

In Washington, 283,000 out of 1.5 million children live in households below the poverty line, and nearly 99,000 live in areas of concentrated poverty.

Executive Director: Andi Smith


Los Angeles County

Steve and Connie Ballmer are business owners in Los Angeles and care deeply about the city and region.

Over half a million (28.6%) of LA County’s children live in poverty. California has both the nation's highest percentage and highest number of children in poverty - and 83% of those have at least one working parent.

Executive Director: Nina Revoyr


Detroit Tri-County Region

The Ballmers have a strong commitment to helping improve conditions in the Detroit tri-county (Wayne-Oakland-Macomb) region where Steve was born and raised.

Detroit and its surrounding counties have the highest rate of concentrated poverty, at 32%, among the top 25 metro areas in the U.S. by population.

Executive Director: Kylee Mitchell Wells