Our People

   Connie Ballmer  , Co-Founder

Connie Ballmer, Co-Founder

   Steve Ballmer  , Co-Founder

Steve Ballmer, Co-Founder

   Joanna Colunga  , Project Manager - Los Angeles

Joanna Colunga, Project Manager - Los Angeles

   Megan Davies  , Communications Officer

Megan Davies, Communications Officer

   Joseph Devall  , Portfolio Manager - Los Angeles

Joseph Devall, Portfolio Manager - Los Angeles

   Jeff Edmondson  , Managing Director

Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director

   Andrea Estes  , Portfolio Manager - Washington

Andrea Estes, Portfolio Manager - Washington

   Sheila Griffiths  , Executive Assistant

Sheila Griffiths, Executive Assistant

   Raychael Jensen  , Portfolio Manager - Early Childhood (National)

Raychael Jensen, Portfolio Manager - Early Childhood (National)

   Bill Kiolbasa  , Portfolio Manager - K-12 (National)

Bill Kiolbasa, Portfolio Manager - K-12 (National)

   Matthew Muench  , Portfolio Manager - Post-secondary and Careers (National)

Matthew Muench, Portfolio Manager - Post-secondary and Careers (National)

   Nina Revoyr  , Executive Director - Los Angeles

Nina Revoyr, Executive Director - Los Angeles

   Andrea (Andi) Smith  , Executive Director - Washington

Andrea (Andi) Smith, Executive Director - Washington

   Mary Sprute  , Project Coordinator

Mary Sprute, Project Coordinator

   Kylee Mitchell Wells  , Executive Director - Detroit

Kylee Mitchell Wells, Executive Director - Detroit