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Co-founded by Connie and Steve Ballmer, Ballmer Group funds organizations and leaders to reshape opportunity and expand economic mobility across the United States.

Our team is made up of practitioners with deep knowledge and experience in our impact areas. Ballmer Group is both a national and regional funder – we have a presence and invest deeply in southeast Michigan, Los Angeles County, and Washington state.

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Our People:

Steve & Connie Ballmer, Co-Founders
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Steve & Connie Ballmer

Terri Ludwig, President of Philanthropy
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Terri Ludwig

President of Philanthropy

Advocacy & Communications

Salman Akhtar, Senior Advocacy Manager

Salman Akhtar

Senior Manager, Advocacy
Ardua Harris

Ardua Harris

Senior Manager, Communications
Cynara Lilly, Executive Director, Advocacy & Communications

Cynara Lilly

Executive Director, Advocacy & Communications
Raelene Magee

Raelene Magee

Executive Assistant, Advocacy & Communications
Brittny Nielsen

Brittny Nielsen

Senior Manager, Communications


Sam Ballmer

Sam Ballmer

Climate Lead

Community Impact

Jeff Edmondson, Executive Director, Community Impact

Jeff Edmondson

Executive Director, Community Impact
Celine Fejeran headshot

Celine N. Fejeran

Senior Portfolio Manager, Community Impact
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Abel Habte

Portfolio Manager, Community Impact
Rebekah Marquez

Rebekah Marquez

Executive Assistant, Community Impact
Eshauna Smith, Director, Community Impact

Eshauna Smith

Director, Community Impact

Technology & Data

Kevin Bromer, Executive Director, Head of Technology & Data Strategy

Kevin Bromer

Executive Director, Head of Technology & Data Strategy
Portfolio Manager, Technology & Data Infrastructure

Korey Klein

Senior Portfolio Manager, Technology & Data Infrastructure
Raelene Magee

Raelene Magee

Executive Assistant, Technology & Data

Los Angeles County

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Gabriella Barbosa

Senior Portfolio Manager, Los Angeles
Shamira Brown, Executive Assistant

Shamira Brown

Executive Assistant, Los Angeles
Kim Patillo Brownson, Director of Strategy and Policy, Los Angeles

Kim Pattillo Brownson

Director, Strategy, Policy, and Partnerships, Los Angeles
Joanna Colunga, Associate Portfolio Manager, Los Angeles

Joanna Colunga

Portfolio Manager, Los Angeles
Joseph Devall, Portfolio Manager, Los Angeles

Joseph Devall

Director, Los Angeles & National Criminal Justice
Nina Revoyr, Executive Director, Los Angeles

Nina Revoyr

Executive Director, Los Angeles & National Public Safety
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Christine Tran

Portfolio Manager, Los Angeles

National Impact

Mekaelia Davis

Mekaelia Davis

Director, National Black Family Economic Mobility
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Loren Harris

Executive Director, National Impact
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Raychael Jensen

Director, National Early Childhood & Families
Cassandra Serrano, Executive Assistant

Cassandra Serrano

Executive Assistant, National Impact
Emma Uman, Portfolio Manager, Washington

Emma Uman

Director, National Career Success
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Michael Williams

Portfolio Manager, National Impact

Southeast Michigan

Rinia Shelby-Crooms, Executive Assistant

Rinia Shelby-Crooms

Portfolio Manager, SE Michigan
Temeca Simpson, Portfolio Manager, SE Michigan

Temeca Simpson

Senior Portfolio Manager, SE Michigan
Kayla Roney Smith, Portfolio Manager, SE Michigan

Kayla Roney Smith

Senior Portfolio Manager, SE Michigan
Kylee Mitchell Wells, Executive Director, SE Michigan

Kylee Mitchell Wells

Executive Director, SE Michigan

Strategy & Operations

Allie Armstrong

Allie Armstrong

Grants Manager
Jennifer Baugh

Jennifer Baugh

Senior Grants Manager
John Griffith, Director, Strategy & Operations

John Griffith

Executive Director, Strategy and Operations & National Housing
Dominique Hilliard, Associate Grants Manager

Dominique Hilliard

Grants Manager
Jess Main, Senior Manager, Grantmaking & Operations

Jess Main

Director, Grants Management and Operations
Joe McNulty, Senior Financial Strategist

Joe McNulty

Senior Manager, Strategic Finance
Anneka Preston

Anneka H. Preston

Senior Grants Manager
Frances Yang, Manager of Strategic Initiatives

Frances Yang

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Washington State

Leslie Dozono, Portfolio Manager, Washington

Leslie Dozono

Senior Portfolio Manager, Washington
Val Alduen Fitzgerald, Executive Assistant

Val Alduen Fitzgerald

Executive Assistant, Washington
Kacey Guin, Portfolio Manager, Washington

Kacey Guin

Senior Portfolio Manager, Washington
Kody Russell, Portfolio Manager, Washington

Kody Russell

Senior Portfolio Manager, Washington
Andi Smith

Andi Smith

Executive Director, Washington & National Behavioral Health
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